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We have invested significantly  in new custom built static and dynamic test rigs to ensure that the pins break at their rated torque and within  tolerance.  

Different batches of the same grade material can vary in tensile strength, but still be within the grade’s band.  Brass grade CW614N (CZ121) for example has a tensile strength band of 360 - 500 mPa.  This means that if not tested each different batch of Wedgepins could have large variations in breaking torque.  Our test rigs enable us to test both statically and dynamically to take into account the differing tensile strengths and thus determine the correct Wedgepin neck diameters, this therefore ensures continuity of breaking torque between batches.  We have full tracebility of the materials used in each batch of Wedgepins to ensure this happens.

The dynamic test rig has a disc brake and pnumatically actuated thruster which is pulsed to simulate loading on the Wedgepins.  Both braking force and pulse frequency can be adjusted to simulate peak and intermittent loading, determining the fatigue life of the pins.

Howdon is committed to testing  the materials we use, combined with using state of the art 3D CAD software and CNC manufacturing, ensures that our Wedgepins are made to the highest standards.